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Overview of NLR

Netherlands Leprosy Relief (NLR), a member of International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations (ILEP), is supporting National Leprosy Eradication Programme (NLEP) of India since 1993...

Organization Structure

Organization Structure

At the country level, overall projects are managed by the Country representative, supported by Coordinator (projects), Coordinator (Rehabilitation), Manager Accounts & administration, Accountant, Fundraising officer and other support staff (organogram can be seen at annexure).

NLR is providing support to NLEP through State and Zonal level Leprosy Programme Advisors (LPAs). LPAs are medical doctors with long experience in health programs especially in leprosy. They transfer their knowledge & skills to improve the functioning of State leprosy officer, District officers and General Health Care (GHC) staff. In addition to this, NLR has also placed Non-Medical Supervisor (NMSs) designated as self- care coordinators (SCC), in all the states supported by NLR i.e. 1 Non Medical Supervisor (NMS) in each state except state of UP, where 3 NMSs are placed being the larger state. These SCCs are providing technical support to District staff in promoting self- care in Leprosy colonies & villages, by formation of Self Care Groups. NLR Staffing at peripheral level can be seen in the table below:

Table 1 State wise staff position in 2011 in NLR supported states

S.N. States State Level LPAs Regional LPAs NMS No. of Supported Districts Total Districts in the States
1 Bihar - 1 1 5 38
2 Jharkhand 1 1 1 16 24
3 Uttar Pradesh 1 3 3 34 72
4 Uttarakhand - - - 13 13
5 West Bengal - 1 1 7 19
6 Delhi 1 - 1 11 11
Total 6 3 6 7 86 177