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Overview of NLR

Netherlands Leprosy Relief (NLR), a member of International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations (ILEP), is supporting National Leprosy Eradication Programme (NLEP) of India since 1993...

Education support

Education support to dependent children per Millennium Development Goal (MDG)

Persons affected by leprosy are the sufferers, discriminated and marginalized by the society due to heavy stigma attached to the disease. It is to be realized that the children of these affected persons, though  healthy are also discriminated and marginalized because of which they are not pursuing their studies the way they should. These children face stigma and rejection in local schools and are often constrained from pursuing secondary and higher studies due to poor economic status of their families. Faced with poverty and in the absence of a positive, conducive environment, very often these vulnerable children become involved in illegal activities or resort to begging.

NLR is striving to address the needs per the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) no. 1 & 2 for healthy dependents of Persons Affected by Leprosy, specially the children so that they get quality education and lead a normal dignified life without facing any discrimination. NLR is also taking care of school drop outs and grownups to make them self-reliant so that they can take care of their aging disabled parents.

To keep the children away from undesirable activities such as begging, child labor, smuggling goods, theft, sex-abuse and anti- social activities, support for continuing education is therefore essential for a better and more secure future for these children. NLR Foundation provides education support in the form of school fees, books, stationery, school bags and uniforms. Tutors are identified to provide coaching to needy students and to ensure that students attend school regularly.

534 children were supported in the year 2010, 824 in 2011, 384 in 2012 and 101 more children were identified and supported in 2013. By 2013 the total children supported for school education were 1658. NLR Foundation in India is cautious to support limited number of students so that their studies are un-interrupted for many years to come. Out of 1658, 969 are in primary school, 527 in high school 116 in college education 38 in graduation and 8 in technical or professional courses. State wise break up is given in table below:

Children supported by NLRF, State wise

S.N. States No. of Students supported in 2010 No. of students added in 2011 No. of students added in 2012 No. of students added in 2013 Total No. of students supported in 2013 Drop-outs Actual Support given in 2013
1 Bihar 82 138 37 39 296 11 285
2 Delhi 10 123 22 28 183 15 168
3 Jhar khand 302 186 97 7 592 53 539
4 Uttar Pradesh 105 72 119 27 323 44 279
5 Uttara-khand 06 72 00 00 78 5 73
6 West Bengal 29 233 109 00 371 57 314
Total 534 824 384 101 1843 185 1658