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Overview of NLR

Netherlands Leprosy Relief (NLR), a member of International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations (ILEP), is supporting National Leprosy Eradication Programme (NLEP) of India since 1993...


NLR India Library Overview

The Library will give free access to documents that are produced by NLR India and NLR International. Priority is given to documents related to the leprosy control in NLR supported states.

In addition, it will stock relevant documents that are free available through other sources and/or give a link to these sources.

For more general documents on leprosy, including scientific literature, the international resources centre on leprosy, INFOLEP is highly recommended.

A – F
Accompanied MDT
Giving full course of MDT pack(s) to patient in advance anticipating his/her inability to come the following month(s), regularly due to various reasons (stigma, employment, distance etc.)
Assistant District Medical Officer
Annual Case Detection Rate – is the number of new cases diagnosed (detected) by a specified health service in a specified population during a specified period of time (say from 1st April to 31st March, i.e a year) in relation to the average population over that period.
Auxiliary Nurse Midwife – Providing General Health care services at a Health sub-centre, covering a population of 5,000 to 10,000
Additional Primary Health Centre – A health center, covering about 25,000 to 50,000 population. There are 3 to 4 APHCs under each main PHC
Accredited Social Health Activist – Under National Rural Health Mission, she is a local resident of a village selected by Gram Sabha, working as a link person between community and health system.
Assistant State Leprosy Officer
Aagan Wadi Worker – is a functionary in each village, under Integrated Child Development Services Scheme, a centrally sponsored scheme of Government of India, providing child care
Block Extension Educator
Budget & Finance Officer
Chief District Medical Officer – is a District Administrative Head for Health Department.
Central Government Health Services – Catering to the health needs of Central Government Employees
Community Health Centre – Larger health center, in rural area, covering a population of about 100,000 to 200,000, having specialized health care facilities such as Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology etc
Child Proportion
Percentage of Child cases (0-14 yrs) among new cases detected in a year
Chief Medical Officer
A group of persons, who share a common experience within a defined time period.
Criteria are standards against which something is judged and by which decisions are made and actions are measured.
A person who has completed a full course of fixed duration MDT (6 dose for PB & 12 doses for MB) is cured
Detection rate
The number of new cases diagnosed (detected) by a specified health service in a specified population during a specified period of time (e.g. a year) in relation to the average population over that period.
Director Health Services
Disab. Gr 2 Proportion
Number of Gr 2 disability cases among 100 new cases detected in a year
Disability Gr 2
Includes Visible deformity or damage of hand & feet; or person cannot count fingers at a distance of 6 feet, lagophthalmos, iridocyclitis, or corneal opacity
District Leprosy Officer – Responsible for management of NLEP activities, in the District
District Leprosy Society
District Nucleus – Established in each district, headed by DLO, has 1 MO, 1NMS/NMA and 1 Health Educator responsible for monitoring and supervision of NLEP activities
Disability Prevention and Medical Rehabilitation
EHF Score
A sum total of Grades of disabilities of Eye, Hand & Feet
Female Proportion
Number of Female cases among 100 total new cases in detected in a year
G – L
Government of India
Institutions above XIIth standard
Gram Sabha/Panchayat
It’s a local, elected government, at the village level, comprising of 7-17 members, responsible for upkeep of the village including street lights, sanitation etc.
Health Care Facility – Health Center providing health care
High School
Schools including IXth & X th standard
Hydro, Olio, Physio Exercises
International Federation of Anti-leprosy Associations
The number of new cases of a specified disease that occur in a given population over a specified period of time (e.g., a month or a year). Incidence is often expressed as a rate, that is, incidence in relation to the average population at risk during a specified period of time.
It helps to measure change, directly or indirectly (when changes cannot be measured directly). Indicators are selected to represent the evolution of the system. Indicators are based on measurement but they are more than the measurements themselves. The main characteristic of an indicator is that it contains a well-defined numerator and a denominator. Indicators are not synonymous with objectives or targets but are measures of the extent to which targets are being reached.
Schools including XIth & XII th standard
JJ Clusters
Temporary shanty houses are built without civic amenities.
Junior High School
Schools including Vth to VIIIth standard
Laboratory Assistant
Assistant in Pathology Lab
Leprosy Elimination Campaign
Leprosy case
A leprosy patient is one who has a skin patch or patches with a definite loss of sensation and has not completed a full course of treatment with multi drug therapy.
Leprosy Defaulter
A person who has not collected treatment for more than 6 months or 3 months (respectively for MB & PB case) is a defaulter and should be removed from prevalence
A least infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium leprae – a gram negative acid fast bacteria
Leprosy Programme Advisor, M.B.B.S. Graduates with long experiance in the field of leprosy, are posted to improve the functioning of District Nucleus/DLO
Leprosy Rehabilitation Promotion Unit
Laboratory Technician
Leprosy Training Center
M – R
MB MDT Blister pack
Contains Rifampicin, Dapsone & Clofazimine
MB Proportion
Number of MB cases detected in a year among 100 total new cases detected in the year
Multibacillary – Cases with 6 or more anesthetic patches or involvement of 2 or more than two nerves
Municipal Corporation of Delhi An Autonomous Body within NCT responsible for Water. Sanitation, Health needs of the population living in a certain predefined geographical area
Microcellular Rubber,- Rubber sheet used in the footwear to be used by Persons affected by leprosy with anesthesia in foot.
Multi Drug Therapy – Combination of two or three drugs used for treatment of leprosy
Multi drug therapy, a term used for a leprosy treatment with two or more chemotherapeutic drugs.
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Medical Officer Having M.B.B.S. (batchler of Medicine and (batchler of Surgery) working in Government Health Services
A mechanism of data collection, processing and interpretation with the purpose of helping the manger (staff) to keep continuously in touch with the progress of a programme. Monitoring is a day-to-day follow-up of activities to ensure that they are proceeding as planned and are on schedule.
National Capital Territory of Delhi is better known as NCT
New Delhi Municipal Corporation – An Autonomous Body within NCT responsible for Water. Sanitation, Health needs of the population living in New Delhi district.
Non Government Organization
National Leprosy Eradication Programme
Non Medical Assistant- a trained Leprosy worker
Non Medical Supervisor- a trained person to supervise non medical assistants
Nyay Panchayats
Is an elected body in India, to settle the disputes arising at the village level. Nyaya Panchayat consists of one member elected from each gram sabha. It is endowed with functions based on broad principles of natural justice. They can be given civil and minor criminal jurisdiction. One nyay panchayat operates in many gram sabhas usually between 1-7
Persons Affected by Leprosy
PB MDT Blister pack
Contains Rifampicin & Dapsone
Paucibacillary – a Group of leprosy cases having 5 or less than 5 skin patches with anesthesia or involvement of a single nerve
Having diploma in Pharmacy and responsible for Drug Management at HCF
Primary Health Centre The main health care facility in rural areas covering a population of 100000 to 200000 population
Private Medical Practitioner
Paramedical Worker is equivalent to NMA
Prevention of Disability
Post Graduate
Schools above Graduation standard
Prevalence Rate is calculated every year on 31st March. It is calculated as number of registered cases per 10000 population
Primary School
Schools below Vth Standard
Reconstructive Surgery, common term used for surgical correction of disabilities
S – Z
Sub-centre, a health facility, working center ANM or MPW established at every 5000 to 10000 population
Self Care Group- a group of leprosy affected people performing self care practices in groups
Scheduled Caste (SC)
Are Indian population groups that are explicitly recognized by the Constitution of India, for those who were previously called the “depressed classes” by the British, and otherwise were known as untouchables
Scheduled Caste (SC)
Are Indian population groups mostly tribals, the neglected classes that are explicitly recognized by the Constitution of India,
Survey, Education & Treatment
State Leprosy Officer
State Leprosy Society
Soaking, Scrapping, Oiling and Dressing
Administrative Subunits of the District
Treatment Completion Rate
Uniform Multi Drug Therapy
Under Treatment
World Health Organization