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NLR India's Approach

Empowering Affected Persons

NLR India (NLRI) considers that empowerment of the affected persons is crucial for their protection and development.

While empowerment happens in different ways including educational, economic and institutional upliftment, NLR India continues to support the affected persons to earn their own dignity, equity, self-sufficiency and institutions.

Organisational approach led by the affected persons and beneficiaries improve their scenarios including voice, participation in planning, decision-making, implementation and monitoring; demand of services, exercise of rights, access to entitlements, and reduced dependency.

NLR India has undertaken the development of the Organizations of the Persons with Disabilities (OPD) in order to help them to proactively address their issues themselves. Through a series of capacity building initiatives,

NLR India has been strengthening various kinds of OPDs, including the disability specific self-help groups, their block level committees and district level federations. NLR India collectivizes the affected persons, forms and strengthens their organisations, which provides collective voice and recognition to them.