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Zero Disability

NLR India implements the zero disability programme that aims at preventing persons affected by leprosy from developing new disabilities during or after treatment, and preventing worsening of the existing disabilities.

Through our projects on capacity building of the government functionaries and integration of self-care in PHCs and other health facilities, we strengthen the capacity of the general health care (GHC) staff, in the states where we work, via Training of Trainers (ToT) on self-care and approaches, prevention of disabilities, disability examination, monitoring and treatment of reactions and nerve function impairment, referral for reconstructive surgery, and facilitation of self-care groups (SCGs) etc.

Working closely with the government, we facilitate and encourage the PHCs to apply combined approaches i.e. leprosy and lymphatic filariasis (LF) /other NTDs for prevention of disabilities where ASHAs and health workers carry out monitoring of wound care and disability development; motivate patients to visit PHC in case of complications; and promote regular home-based self-care, through regular home visits of persons affected, as initiated in West Bengal.

We also provide assistive devices and self-care kits in PHC through our project interventions.