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A New Hope for Md. Shamsuddin Ansari and His Family

Md. Shamsuddin Ansari, living in K.K.M. Kushth Ashram, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, suffers from leprosy with severe deformities in both hands. As the sole breadwinner, his life was filled with uncertainty and despair.

Through regular participation in self-care camps organized by NLR India, Shamsuddin learned about the support available for leprosy-affected families. Inspired by this, he approached Mr. Mantosh, the State CBR coordinator, seeking educational support for his daughter, Rukhsar. NLR India stepped in to help, covering Rukhsar’s education expenses.

Rukhsar, now 20, has completed her XII schooling with NLR India’s support and is pursuing higher education. She aims for a dignified life free from poverty, stigma, and discrimination.

Shamsuddin expressed immense gratitude, saying NLR India brought hope when he feared for his daughter’s future. Proudly, he believes Rukhsar will have a better life thanks to the education and support she received. Rukhsar, now an advocate for leprosy awareness, educates others about the disease’s curability and reduces stigma. Her efforts have led to her family being welcomed in social functions, transforming their lives and community perceptions.

Ms. Rukshar, 20 years old female, who received education support

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