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Seema Kumari- A Journey of Care and Recovery

Seema Kumari, a 16-year-old from Jori Master Mohalla in Hunter Ganj, Chatra district, Jharkhand, was diagnosed with leprosy on September 15, 2019. With the help of ASHA worker Sahiya and Paramedical Worker Mr. Arun Kumar Yadav, she sought treatment at the Community Health Center (CHC). Seema had a slightly clawed left hand and multiple patches with sensory loss on her left palm.

Following the Medical Officer’s advice, Yadav ji began her Multi Bacillus (MB) treatment with Multi Drug Therapy (MDT) and counseled her on self-care practices using the HOPE method (Hydro, Oleo, Physio, Exercise). Seema adhered to her 12-month MDT regimen under the supervision of the CHC team, including PMW, ASHA, and the Medical Officer. Her commitment to self-care practices resulted in her left hand recovering fully from clawing.

NLR India’s staff provided ongoing support and follow-up care, ensuring Seema’s successful recovery. Today, Seema stands as a testament to effective treatment and dedicated self-care, having overcome leprosy with resilience and the support of a compassionate medical team.

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