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Mr. Vijay Saw

In the heart of Aurangabad, Bihar, something incredible happened. Mr. Vijay Saw, a man who was affected by leprosy, set up a small business in the year 2019 that purifies water with the support of NLR India. 

Vijay’s journey began when he found out he was affected by leprosy at the age of 11. It was tough because people treated him differently, but he didn’t give up. With the help of NLR India, he got medical treatment, learned new livelihood skills, and got back on his feet with immense confidence. 

He noticed that many people in his area didn’t have access to clean drinking water. So, he decided to do something about it. He used his skills to create a small water purification business. Now, he provides clean and safe drinking water to people in his community at a price they can afford.  This story is all about not giving up and helping others. Vijay not only beat leprosy but also with the support of NLR India created a means of livelihood and improved the living conditions of his Neighbours. It shows that anyone can make a positive change if they have the will to become a change maker

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